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Claire Rich

I am a highly trained and experienced High Performance Mindset Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. I specialise in helping ambitious, driven Business Owners and High Achievers with too much on their plate to master their mindset, so they can achieve their goals with minimal stress and ease. As a result, they maximise their time, energy, focus and productivity as well as their health, wellbeing and success.

High Performance Coaching and Deep Mindset Work is the ‘secret weapon’ for peak performance and success, if you want to be the best you can be.  Master your mindset and you will raise, play and stay at the top of your game and keep ahead of the competition.


As a High Achiever myself, I understand more than most the complexity of the mindset driven by achievement and success. All my high achieving clients are intelligent, talented, determined individuals with an unstoppable drive to achieve their goals and succeed. They all share one powerful trait: they do whatever it takes and never give up! These High Achievers usually far exceed the expectations and results of other people. Achieving breakthrough results and outstanding success is pretty much the norm for them. They do ordinary things in extraordinary ways, yet rarely recognise this fact about themselves.

The danger is, their strength can also be their weakness. What I see time and time again with my high achieving clients is that they become victims of their own success! They constantly push themselves to achieve more and be more, which, naturally, takes them out of their comfort zone more often than most. This results in stress which can affect their performance, health and wellbeing. Yet these High Achievers still carry on, often ignoring the signs. There are only 24 hours in a day but they are trying to be superhuman to cope! This tough regime eventually takes its toll on their health.

Stress is the barrier between what we are and what we can be. It damages your mind, body and business, often without you even realising it!


For years, I worked in the corporate business world in London in various industries including Banking, Insurance, Food, Leisure and Travel: I witnessed and experienced this stress. At the time, I too was stressed out, unhappy and didn’t know what to do or how to change my life. I felt that something was missing and that I wasn’t fulfilling my true potential. However, I knew there must be a solution and so in true High Achiever fashion I didn’t stop looking until I found it! Working with these stressed, frustrated, demanding High Achievers only made me even more determined to find the way to a richer life.

My tireless search ended over seventeen years ago when I discovered Hypnotherapy and realised how extremely powerful it can be. Initially, I saw a number of different Hypnotherapists before I eventually found permanent relief from my symptoms. I knew I had to put my personal experience to good use, so I decided to find out more and trained with Terence Watts, a renowned Expert in the World of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Coaching. I now have my own established, successful business and am nearly three and a half stone lighter thanks to the power of Hypnotherapy.

Through my own personal struggles I have devised ‘The Richer Life Programme’ which addresses the three core principles essential to creating and maintaining a healthy mind, body and business. I walk my talk and now do a job I absolutely love. I am passionate about helping my clients be the best they can be so they can find the way to a healthier, happier, richer life.


I am proud to say that I was trained personally by Terence Watts, a renowned Expert in the World of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. The training courses his school offers are amongst some of the best in the country. As well as being an International Lecturer and Presenter, Terence is a Published Author of Books and Manuals about Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.

Having completed my professional, fully comprehensive two year Advanced Foundation Training Course, I was awarded my Diplomas in Clinical Hypnosis with Psychotherapy and Hypnoanalysis (DHP) and Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (Adv. DHP). Additional Training Courses completed shortly after qualification awarded me the status of ‘Fully Qualified Psychotherapist’.

I love learning and continue to commit to regular, ongoing professional training and development to enhance my skills, knowledge and experience. My own personal struggles have led me to specialise in Stress, Anxiety and Weight Loss. I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I did. I am therefore devoted to becoming a true Specialist Expert in my field, to enable me to continue to deliver a consistently, high level, professional service to my clients.


As a reputable registered professional, I am required to have Professional Liability Insurance. A copy of my Insurance Certificate is on display in my office so that clients can rest assured they are in safe hands.

Currently there is no official regulatory body for Hypnotherapists to register with. However, all professionally trained and qualified, reputable Hypnotherapists are members of at least one Professional Organisation. Each organisation requires us to adhere to a Strict Code of Ethics and Conduct. This means that we are committed to a high level of professionalism, on-going training and supervision ensuring that our clients always receive a safe, sound therapy. I am a member of the following Professional Organisations:

Regulated by the CNHC for Hypnotherapy, Registration Number: 001937-L10


My clients realise that making time to get professional, confidential help is a sign of great intelligence and strength. It is the soundest investment they could ever make in their business. With the help of ‘The Richer Life Programme’ you can finely tune the neurological pathways in your brain to get your subconscious mind working more powerfully for you. This means that you can work smarter and be even more effective and productive while maintaining a healthy work/life balance that is just right for you.


My mission is to take Hypnotherapy to ambitious, driven Business Owners and High Achievers all over the world, so that everyone can eventually use it and benefit. I want to redefine the way businesses operate from the top down to combat stress and promote health, wellbeing and success. I am known for helping High Achievers be the best they can be, and I leave them feeling calm, confident and totally in control, knowing they have found the way to a Richer Life.


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I look forward to working with you to help you find the way to a Richer Life.