Our Mission With Claire Rich

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To help Business Owners and High Achievers maximise their performance and wellbeing so they can achieve serious success and be the best they can be.

Claire Rich and Our Mission


To take Hypnotherapy to High Achievers all over the world. Redefining the way businesses operate from the top down to combat stress and promote health, wellbeing and success.

Our Mission To High Achievers



We are passionate about using the power of the mind to help our clients maximise their performance, wellbeing and success. We believe that a healthy mind and body is the way to a richer life.


We conduct all aspects of our communications with honesty, integrity and respect ensuring each and every client is treated with courtesy and care.


We provide a dynamic, enjoyable experience based on high levels of care and attention to detail that exceeds expectations.


We consistently provide our clients with an exceptional service ensuring the highest possible standards of professionalism and expertise are experienced at all times.


We know that each client is unique and pride ourselves on the fact that we treat all our clients as individuals. This personalised approach enables them to understand, change and succeed.


We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals. We inspire, educate and motivate them so they are confident they will succeed and be the best they can be.


Trust is our most important core value. We consider our clients health, wellbeing and success to be as important as our own. We are known for being a brand you can trust because we do as we say and only say what we mean.

The Richer Life Programme - Trust