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How to Be More Confident so You Can Play and Stay at the Top of Your Game


The Importance of Confidence

Confidence plays an important role in life because it affects how we think, feel and act which ultimately affects the goals we set ourselves and achieve. If you don’t feel confident then you won’t even set the goal in the first place which means you are effectively holding yourself back from being the best you can be.

Fulfilling Your True Potential

It is a sad fact that many people go through life without ever actually fulfilling their true potential because they don’t believe in themselves enough to set goals which stretch them so they can be more, do more and achieve more. It is true that change can be scary but it is also fun and exciting, and helps us to develop and grow both personally and professionally so we can be the best we can be. By that I mean allow us to be the healthiest, happiest and most fulfilled we can possibly be so that we can enjoy life to the full, doing what we were born to do.

Using the Power of the Subconscious Mind

Maximising your performance, wellbeing and success is essential if you want to play and stay at the top of your game and High Achievers know this. We all have the strengths and resources within us to achieve anything we set our mind to, we just have to choose the right approach to activate them. This is why practising Self-Hypnosis and doing a course of Hypnotherapy with a Clinical Hypnotherapist / Expert of the Mind really helps you to up your game. If you can see it you can be it because imagination really is the language of the subconscious mind. As the saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

The Key to Setting Goals

There are three main criteria which you need to consider to ensure that any goal you set yourself is in fact achievable. So ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the goal practical?
  2. Is the goal possible?
  3. Is the goal plausible?

As long as what you are looking to achieve meets all three criteria then it doesn’t matter if you don’t feel you have all the strengths and resources you need right now to achieve them, you can work on developing these. Hypnotherapy helps you to identify and overcome barriers to personal and business growth and success so you can increase your confidence and raise your game to a whole new level. Using this powerful therapy allows you to achieve your goals easily with minimal stress and worry, so you can focus on enjoying the process and celebrate your successes along the way.

What is Confidence?

Confidence is a funny thing really and can be hard to measure but simply put it is a strong belief or feeling that we have either about ourselves, other people or something. Our own perception of how confident we actually are in life is what really counts most though. Whilst people can boost our confidence with their praise and positive feedback, it doesn’t matter one jot unless we believe it because our subconscious mind will just dismiss it. Getting your subconscious and conscious mind working for you, in sync with what you are looking to achieve really is the key, as it allows you to maximise your performance, wellbeing and success in all areas of life. This is because when we work on one thing in the mind it has a ripple effect, just like when you throw a pebble into a pond.

Hypnotherapy Increases Confidence

So to sum up, confidence is not something that can be learned like a set of rules; confidence is a state of mind. Positive thinking, practice, training, knowledge and talking to other people are all useful ways to help improve or boost our confidence levels. However, the best most effective way is Hypnotherapy for the very reasons I have already mentioned. Just going into hypnosis before we even work on a specific set of goals reduces stress levels, increases positivity, focus and concentration, improves sleep and boosts confidence levels – usually leaving people with a feeling of calmness, relaxation and wellbeing for a good while after. Regardless of how confident we are, everybody can always benefit from more confidence because life naturally chinks away at it over time so we constantly need to boost it to maintain levels of high performance, wellbeing and success. As High Achievers are constantly raising the bar for themselves, setting new, more challenging goals and constantly stepping out of their comfort zone, they need it even more!

Are you a High Achiever? How confident are you? Do you want to play and stay at the top of your game?

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