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Life Coaching is a powerful therapeutic model used in the world of personal development to help people maximise their performance, wellbeing and success. The type of coaching and mentoring provided on Life Coaching Courses such as our ‘Richer Life Programme’ focus on helping you get the very best out of your life, so you feel truly happy, successful and fulfilled. At Claire Rich we believe that if you look after your mind and body, you will have a healthy business, and this is the way to a richer life. Life Coaching is a relatively fast and effective therapy that is designed to help you access the very core of your thinking processes. It allows you to access your inner strengths and resources so you can activate and develop those needed to help you create the desired change, achieve your goals and be the very best you can be.


Anyone can benefit from Life Coaching provided they genuinely want to create positive change and are prepared to invest some time, energy and money into a good Personal Development Plan for a better life. It doesn’t matter that you don’t necessarily know how you are going to get there – that’s why you need a little expert help! A highly trained and experienced Life Coach will help you work out what a better life means to you, so you can do what you were born to do and be the very best you can be.


Life Coaching can be used as a brief therapy or as part of a longer term coaching and mentoring personal development plan depending on your unique requirements and goals. At Claire Rich we believe that it is most powerful when combined with Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy which is why we have created our High Performance ‘Richer Life Programme’ for performance enhancement in all areas of life both personal and professional.


The role of a Life Coach is to help and empower their clients to meet and exceed both personal and professional goals. By identifying the areas that need to be addressed and worked on to get you from where you are to where you want to be, we create more balance in your life. The areas that can be worked on include:

A Life Coach can help you to achieve a specific goal, enhance your performance, identify and overcome a problem or difficulty that is currently holding you back or simply help you work out your next step on the path of life. There really are no limits to what can be achieved with Life Coaching, provided you are truly committed and motivated to achieving your goals.

Just as Sports Coaching enables athletes to hone themselves into the fastest, strongest, most tactical competitors in their disciplines, Life Coaching helps people from all walks of life improve their strengths and skills. By building upon our weaknesses, we can all have a better life and realise our true potential so we can be the best we can be. Our ‘Richer Life Programme’ is excellent for Sporting Improvement because it focuses on the three core principles which are essential for maximising your performance, wellbeing and success: Mind, Diet and Exercise – the ‘Mind’ being the most important core principle.


A Life Coach will never try to be an ‘Agony Aunt’ or attempt to dish out advice because giving advice is just a way of imposing a personal view of the world onto another person (who may or may not share the same view). Life coaching is about objectivity, structure and empowerment, not instruction or indoctrination. At the heart of it all lies the idea that clients must be given the power to help themselves. Offering advice, opinions and judgements would undermine some of the basic principles behind Life Coaching which include:

1) Subjectivity: We all have different perspectives of the world – no one perspective is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but some perspectives are restrictive and can stop a person becoming who they want to be.
2) Empowerment: It is within everyone’s capability to adjust the limits of their own perspective. With the help of Life Coaching, anyone can learn to open their mind if they wish.

3) Guidance: There is a big difference between an Instructor and a Guide. An Instructor shows their client exactly what to do, whereas a Guide provides the tools and supports their client’s needs to do it themself. A Life Coach is a Guide, not an Instructor.

The term ‘coaching’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘carriage’ which is a means of transporting something from one place to another. Therefore, a Life Coach is an individual who guides another individual from where they are in life, to where they want to be.



If you want to really focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t, and overcome any negativity that is currently holding you back (either consciously or subconsciously), then a ‘Personal Development Plan’ like our ‘Richer Life Programme’ will really help you to play and stay at the top of your game and achieve a healthy work life balance that is just right for you.

The Life Coaching we do in our ‘Richer Life Programme’ activates millions of neurological pathways in your physical brain helping you to not only focus on what you do want but actually actively propel you towards it. Once you focus your mind in the right way there will be no stopping you, as the subconscious mind does not stop searching until it finds what you tell it to. This is why it is so important to remember to always guard your focus well! Imagination is the language of the subconscious mind.

High Achievers regularly commit their time, energy and money to investing in Life Coaching for Personal Development because they know it is the key to their success and essential to creating and maintaining a healthy mind, body and business. You don’t have to work harder, just smarter to be even more effective and productive!


Life Coaching can help with most mind-related matters where psychological and often also physiological factors are involved (after and in conjunction with conventional Medical Consultation). At Claire Rich we believe that using a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Life Coaching is the best way to fast track your personal development and maximise your performance, wellbeing and success.

The following are just some of the areas we can work on when setting goals for your ‘Richer Life Programme’ Personal Development Plan:

By setting clear goals we are able to measure when you have got from where you are to where you want to be. At the same time, we create a realistic ‘Personalised Lifestyle Plan’ that is just right for you, so you can find the way to a richer life.



There really is no limit to the things that you can achieve provided your goal is practical, possible and plausible. A good Life Coach can help you enhance your:

We will help you to identify what you really enjoy doing, your strengths and resources, the things that have worked well for you in the past, as well as the hidden agendas and limitations that have been holding you back to date. Once you start doing things differently by creating even the smallest positive change, success is inevitable and you will get a different more effective result.

We can also help you to:

Our ‘Richer Life Programme’ is designed for High Achievers just like you who want to raise their game to a whole new level for peak performance and mind/body fitness.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Business

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