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Professional Development for a Healthy Work Life Balance


Professional Development for a Better Life

Professional Development is an essential part of life if we are to be the very best we can be, fulfil our true potential and have a better life. It is important to recognise that without a healthy mind and body you will not have a healthy business or career. So looking after your health and wellbeing should always be top priority, as it is undoubtedly the key to your success. Dismiss it at your peril!

Whilst we all wish that money really did grow on trees, we all know it doesn’t and that we have to work for it. Working allows us to generate the income that we need to create the life we want. It also allows us to create and take advantage of more opportunities for personal growth and development. It is true that money doesn’t necessarily make you happy but you are going to be far more comfortable sitting in your Porsche stressed out, upset and depressed than riding home on your bike in the freezing cold! So read on to find out how investing in a Personal Development Plan can help you work smarter not harder and create the healthy work life balance that is just right for you.

Why Creating a Personal Development Plan is Essential

When you create a Personal Development Plan you are setting goals and making a commitment to yourself (and others if you are working with an experienced, Professional Coach) that you will take action and achieve them. You are basically holding yourself accountable to seeing the process through from start to finish, and creating a timeline to work to with small measurable goals to check off and celebrate along the way. If you want to ensure your success then working with an experienced, specialist Personal Coach such as a Business Coach, Confidence Coach, Life Coach, Performance Coach or Expert Mind Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist such as myself will really give you the edge. The key is to get your subconscious mind and conscious mind working together otherwise you won’t achieve your goals and will only ever have limited success, if any.

The Wheel of Life & Goal Setting

The Wheel of Life is a well-known tool used in the world of personal development and coaching. It is a good exercise to do when you want to set goals, achieve serious success and create a healthy work life balance in the process. Let’s face it, life is essentially all about balance and when we achieve the right balance for us we feel happy, successful and fulfilled in all areas of life because it has a knock on effect. Typically when we assess ‘The Wheel of Life’, we split it into the following categories to help us identify the areas that need to be addressed and worked on to get you from where you are now to where you want to be and create more balance in your life:

  • Business / Career / Studies.
  • Finances / Wealth.
  • Health / Fitness.
  • Social / Friends.
  • Family.
  • Romance / Love.
  • Recreation / Fun.
  • Contribution.
  • Personal Growth.
  • Spiritual.
  • Self-Image.

Why High Achievers Invest in Professional Development

High Achievers regularly commit their time, energy and money to investing in Professional Development because they know it is the key to their success and essential to creating and maintaining a healthy mind, body and business. You don’t have to work harder, just smarter to be even more effective and productive!

The Three Core Principles for a Healthy Work Life Balance

My ‘Richer Life Programme’ incorporates the three core principles which are essential for creating a healthy work life balance: ‘Mind’, ‘Diet’ and ‘Exercise’. This 20 Week High Performance Personal Development Plan focuses on maximising your performance, wellbeing and success so you can be the best you can be. By setting three clear goals we are able to measure when you have got from where you are to where you want to be. At the same time, we create a realistic Personalised Lifestyle Plan that is just right for you, so you can find the way to a richer life.

So now you know, my ‘Richer Life Programme’ looks after your mind, body and business. It is ultimately the way to a richer life! If you are a High Achiever then you should do it so you can take your game to a whole new level for peak performance and mind/body fitness!

Are you a High Achiever? Do you regularly invest in Professional Development? Are you ready to raise your game to a whole new level?

Let us know by commenting in the feedback box below.

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Claire Rich, High Performance Mindset Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist is the founder of ‘The Richer Life Programme’. The High Performance Programme for ambitious, driven Business Owners and High Achievers who want to master their mindset, so they can maximise their performance, wellbeing and success and find the way to a richer life. To find out more visit Join her free Newsletter List and receive your free copy of ‘The High Achievers Guide to Success’ along with lots more regular, free, valuable information.


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