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The Key to Enjoying Exercise and Performance Enhancement


The Benefits of Exercise

We all know that being physically active and doing regular exercise is essential to our health and wellbeing if we are to be the best we can be. Being physically active affects our brain chemistry as well as our energy levels because of the mind/body connection and releases the feel-good hormones that enhance our wellbeing. So doing the activities we enjoy on a regular basis will without a doubt maximise our performance, wellbeing and success. We will also feel happier, more energised and fulfilled in all areas of our life both personal and professional.

Too Busy and Stressed Out to Exercise?

Yet High Achievers often struggle to make time to be physically active and exercise because of their busy schedules and never-ending ‘To Do Lists’ which they feel compelled to complete in order to fulfil their goals and work closer towards their vision/mission. In fact, what I see time and time again with my High Achieving Clients is that they rarely relax, exercise, eat or sleep well and are often living on a poor diet of coffee, sugar and junk food to get them through the day. This way of living is simply not healthy nor sustainable in the long term without it having a very negative impact on their health, wellbeing and performance levels. Furthermore, this unhealthy vicious cycle actually stops them from being as effective and productive as they could be and they know it. So they end up beating themselves up fearing they are losing control, aren’t good enough and are failing because they aren’t achieving their goals fast enough.

The Dangers of Stress

Stress really is the barrier between what we are and what we can be. It damages your mind, body and business often without you even realising! Nobody even a High Achiever can operate in ‘superhuman mode’ indefinitely without suffering the inevitable, unwanted consequences of illness and disease – which let’s face it are no good for them or their business in either the short or long term. The problem is they feel frustrated, negative and overwhelmed by the enormity of their workload and goals and are fooling themselves that trying to be superhuman to cope is the answer. As a result everything suffers, and making time to exercise is usually the last thing on their mind even though they know it will definitely be beneficial to their health and wellbeing.

The Solution

The good news is that once my High Achieving Clients realise that it is okay to give themselves permission to stop and take some time out to look after themselves because it will actually enhance their performance and make them even more effective and productive, the pressure eases. This different way of thinking allows them to start making some positive changes that they want and need in order to be the best they can be. But more importantly to actually be able to enjoy the journey of life more, rather than feeling constantly under pressure like a rabbit in the headlights in both their personal and professional lives because make no mistake stress affects everything.

Do Exercise You Enjoy

The key to doing anything in life (and exercise is no exception), is to find something that you love doing so that you don’t actually have to go to great lengths to motivate yourself to do it on a regular basis – you just want to do it naturally and even feel excited about doing it. For some people it might be just one thing or for others a variety so that they don’t get bored or that it fits in with the different seasons of the year. For example, one form of exercise may be more of an outdoor sport that becomes harder to do in the winter months, so they might have an indoor sport that they do then instead. High Achievers are typically quite competitive so they frequently partake in exercise and sports that fulfil their desire to challenge themselves and push them to enhance their performance. Sometimes the competitiveness is solely against themselves, beating personal bests and setting new goals and records e.g. Personal Training at the Gym. This is when frequently they will work with a Coach who is an Expert in this particular field that can drive them forward and hold them accountable, albeit most High Achievers don’t need that accountability because they are the harshest motivator and critic that anyone could ever have! For others it is competing amongst other people in their chosen sport either as an individual or within part of a team e.g. Athletics or Football. Whatever the chosen form of physical activity/sport, the key is to do what you love because when you enjoy something, nobody has to motivate you to do it. It is natural and instinctive to just go and do it. You feel excited about the thought of doing it on a regular basis and look forward to it so it is easy to plan it into your busy schedule. Just like putting an important business meeting in the diary that you wouldn’t dream of cancelling, my High Achieving Clients find that it works well to put their ‘me time events’ which include relaxing and doing physical activity in the diary too.

Link Your Exercise Goals to your Mission

The other important point is to weave your ‘me time’ and physical exercise into your overall goal, vision and mission in life so that everything you do is in sync and benefits all areas of your life both personal and professional. Once you do this, it is much easier to make the time to do it on a regular basis because you are aware of just how well it affects your business, health, wellbeing, home life, relationships etc.

Hypnotherapy for Performance Enhancement

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to get both parts of your mind working together so that you can achieve your goals easily and be the best you can be. When I work with my High Achieving Clients we identify and overcome barriers to personal and business growth and success so that they can get out of their own way and succeed. Being able to play and stay at the top of their game is essential to High Achievers as you know. Hypnotherapy helps you to enhance your performance, wellbeing and success. The beauty of it is, that when we work on one specific goal it has a knock on effect on everything you do so it is win, win all around!

For example, if your goal is to improve the way you pitch and do sales presentations to your clients in order to win more business, then you will see benefits in your confidence levels and performance in other areas of your life too such as:

  • Your ability to communicate in both personal and professional relationships.
  • The sports you play and any other physical exercise you do.
  • Your sex life.
  • And much, much more!

Why does this happen? Well because everything in the mind is connected so when we work on one thing it can’t not affect everything else we do in a positive way. So you can see why investing in yourself is the soundest investment you could ever make in your mind, body and business. Personal and professional development really is the way to a richer life.

So to sum up, do what you love and it won’t feel like an effort. But remember, you must address any underlying issues that are holding you back first so that you can achieve your goals and be the best you can be.

The Richer Life Programme

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Are you a High Achiever? Do you currently struggle to make time to exercise? What health and fitness goals do you want to achieve?

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